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1st July 2024 11am GMT













I started writing songs with my best friend Russell Aylett when we were 18 years old. At 25 we had a Management deal and had toured with 80's pop favorites "Brother Beyond" as "TARA 2". For one reason or another that was as close to real success that we ever got and our band dissolved a year later.
In 2006 I decided to give music another go. I started working on some solo material with Russell agreeing to produce some of the songs but immediately scrapped the project following Russ's untimely and shocking murder in April 2006. My best friends passing hit me hard and making music seemed insignificant for years after. In late 2010 after much persuasion, I reluctantly joined a covers band just as a hobby. 
2011 was in many ways the worst year of my life. I separated from my then wife and becoming a part-time Dad to 3 children was an extremely painful adjustment. I threw myself into songwriting and persuaded some of the members of the covers band to start playing original songs. The guitarist and I started collaborating and "ADPROJECT" was born. The first 3 years were great, we recorded 2 albums and played a number of successful live shows. The final 2 years though were filled with frustrations, disappointments and varying levels of commitment from the other members of the band. In March 2017 we played our final gig. 
During the summer of 2016 I had already started planning a solo project keeping some of my song ideas separate from the band. I went into the studio and recorded a single “We Have Come A Long Way” It was a revelation. Finally, I felt fulfilled and excited again by what I was doing. 2017 saw the release of two more solo singles and my first music video for the debut single. I was working harder at my writing than ever before and was also learning more and more about marketing and promotion. In 2018 I released my debut album “London E12” and shot my 2nd music video in Spain for my 4th single “If This Is The End”. 
In 2019 I played my first "LIVE" shows as a solo artist and released my 5th and final single from “London E12”. Throughout 2019 I also continued recording tracks for album 2 as well as collaborating with more people than ever before and began mentoring others to market their music using my experience.
In September 2019 I released the first track from my sophomore album “H E A L E D” and shot a short film for it called “What You Didn’t Say” Shooting on location in Malaga Spain was a truly memorable experience. In January 2020 I had to reassess my goals as the standards I was setting myself required more and more funding. My 2nd single from album 2 "BUT IT DOES" had cost more to produce than anything I had recorded before because I now knew exactly how I wanted to sound. To continue recording like that would mean a long delay in releasing the 2nd album. Should I quit? Is this just a really expensive hobby? Lots of things crossed my mind but I quickly knew I couldn't give up. I love what I do too much. So I thought let's see how "BUT IT DOES" is received and then decide. 
Upon its release in January 2020 "BUT IT DOES" was streamed 10,000 times in under 8 weeks by far my most successful song to date. Shortly after that I was nominated for Best Solo Artist in the highly regarded "ESSEX PANIC AWARDS" cementing my decision to carry on. 

2021 saw the release of 2 more singles from my sophomore album "H E A L E D" which was finally released in September gaining a number of favourable reviews and more than 40,000 streams in it's first 4 weeks.

2022 was my most successful to date with the release of 2 singles the 2nd of which "BUTTERFLY" being voted "BEST POP SONG 2022" by readers of Indie Boulevard Magazine.

2023 saw further growth with the release of 2 more singles. The current release "TAKE ME BACK" spent 3 weeks at number 1 on the "South Devon Sound" radio request chart in September and earned a nomination for "SONG OF THE YEAR" at the Orpheus Global Independent Music Awards!

Look out for the 4th Chapter of the 3rd album "NOTHING CHANGES IF NOTHING CHANGES" very soon...

Photograph by Javier Muniz

Photography : Javier Muniz



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